Look at me being a good blogger and posting so often! am feeling rather proud of myself!

Stupidity aside, we will now  move on to the real purpose of this post, an outfit of the day. I went out with my man for a dinner date as we always make sure we go out and do things together and make sure to still go out on proper dates even though we have been together for almost 3 years.(On a side note, I love him to bits and couldn't be happier:)

What I wore:

Jacket- H&M for £14.99
Dress-Beals for the bargain price of £7!
Shoes-New look for £19.99
Hair-Messy, I couldn't be bothered to go over it with GH'DS look.

I love this outfit because I think the neutral shades work really well together and I think the look is sexy (pretty booby I know!) but still cute at the same time....kind of like what I think kim k would ware to the races or something. On that note I am going to love you leave you and go and watch "Crazy stupid love"...Have a good evening.   

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