My weight: weight gain,weight loss and natural weight.

So like I said in my video, we all have a natural body  weight and this is just a small post showing and explaining to you my body.

Before you carry on do make sure you have watched the video or i'm pretty sure you will be thinking "what the hell is she on about?"

This is a photo of me at my biggest:

Now looking back at it, I see I was not huge, but I felt it and I just didn't feel like me.....it was the day after this photo was taken I desided I needed to lose weight.

Long story short, I lost the weight. it took a year, but I did it and I was pretty thin.....

But the this was, once I started losing weight I had a very clear idea in my head of what I wanted and was very healthy about it. But pretty soon I felt it was not working fast enough, and became obsessed with doing it and losing the weight.
My natural body is the one I feel OK with and I know I can eat without thinking about it going straight to my backside. Doing YouTube and blooging has helped me so much when I think about, it has helped me realize that being healthy is the most important things and that we are all so different, and I have found so much support in just talking about this stuff! talking is key. And about what I said about being healthy? it is true, but I think being happy is my number one. A happy body is what we should all be trying to achieve.


  1. Just my opinion...In the second photo you look way too skinny. You are a gorgeous girl regardless but, you look very beautiful and healthy in your youtube videos with a little weight on you.

  2. Oh please ... You are one of the nicest people I've ever seen !

  3. nahh u look goood and perfect in 2nd picture.LOVE it.

  4. u look beautiful