The most unusual lip products ever -Collection 2000 cream

It is always amazing when an inexpensive high street bard come out with something really different. In terms of make up, I find it to be more admirable  when it's the formula that is the new part and not the shade. The cream puff truly are unlike any other lip product on the market. I like to think of it as a cross between a powder blush for lips and a lip balm. Collection 2000 describe it as "Enriched with a hyper-moisturizing, vitamin-rich formula, the creamy color hugs lips to give your pout the perfect powdery finish." and  I couldn't agree more. This is what it looks like:

Theses are so lovely and moisturizing, and feel super light on the lips like you have just got a thin layer of lip balm on.You need to smudge them in a little for a softer effect, but once they are on they are there to stay! The shading selection is not amazing with only 4 shades, but they are all very pretty and wearable so what more can you ask for?

All in all I think collection 2000 have really nailed it on the head with thses because not only are they an amazing unique product, they are an absolute bargin at £2.99! rush out and pick one up.......you will love them!

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  1. I tried out the other day and i think these stuff a little bit too rich for me though.