Touching up your make up- what do you need?

So sorry I have not been posting very much about my food, but I have been really busy with personal stuff and had a cold all week as well (yes, strange I know as it has been so lovely and hot) so that is my explanation for the lack of posts.

As I have been so busy, and it has been so hot my makeup has been having a hard time staying on my face and for the first time in ages I have taken a small makeup bag along with me so I can touch up.
My mini-makeup bag must haves  are:

POWDER,POWDER,POWDER- umm yes, you may need some powder.....As I have such oily skin powder is a must have to sock up the shine. I like the RIMMEL stay matte pressed powder (do go for a pressed powder, no one wants a messy handbag!).

Blotting paper-for more shine control.

An SPF sunscreen- for your hands.....I am funny about this one as I think a woman's hands are one of the first places that show her age. I want young looking hands in my 50's.

A top up cream blush- you may this this is odd, but if you are going to have a long day, a top up blush is a must as it will make you look all fresh and lively,plus, a cream blush is so easy to blend. I love the MAC creamblend blushes, and carry the shade "something special" in my makeup bag.

A lipstick- as the lipstick I use changes everyday, I use whatever I used in the morning to look good during the day.

Do you carry a mini-makeup bag? What do you have in it? do share!

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