Silly little blog post

Hello my lovely girls......felt I should do a small blog post as I will not be post my "what I eat today " post as I have hardly eaten a thing because I am not feeling well (Hence why no YouTube video too).

I am going to film a few curly hair videos and also a video about a few products I am really not impressed by  (yes ,MAC foundation I am talking to you!) I may also show the dresses I got from ASOS the other day so keep your eyes open.

I'm not  a happy bunny at the moment, just one of those days I think when people really piss you off but on a shallow side note, I gave myself  a manicure and I am now loving how neat my nails look....usually I just take my polish off and pop a new one on, but I took the time to file them down (I hate long nails!) and sort my lovely jagged skin.....So now my nails are short, lovely and red!

Anyway I'm off now and I will see you all tomorrow in hope that it will be a better day (ok scarlet O'Hara ) 

Take care xxxx

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