A little update...........

Yes I have been a naughty blogger and not updated my daily meal plan for the last few days, and I shall not be updating it tomorrow.......but there is a reason for this and I have not fallen off my healthy eating plane so don't worry.

Am an a big believer that all diets need a cheat day. A cheat day meaning you can eat whatever you like and enjoy it because when you are watching what you eat, eating out, eating at other peoples houses and such things can be really hard and make you feel stressed out and out of control. So you need to make a plane and think " right, this weekend, I am not going to be around home much and it will be hard for me to make healthy food choices while I am staying with someone" and other things like that. You see, if you don't you will end up getting obsessed with what you can and cant eat and not enjoy your weekend!

That is why over the weekend normally (or weekdays when I am off and maybe not staying at home) I just eat what I want, go out and have fun because I know it takes the stress factor out of it and also leaves your body craving healthy food by the end of it.

So what this rambling  blog post is trying to say is......I will see you Monday with my lovely "what I eat today" post!

Hope you all have a fab weekend:)

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  1. You are so right, I think it's important to allow ourselves a little "time off" because things can get a bit overwhelming... I usually take a day off my healthy eating and it makes all the difference because if I'm craving a certain food, I know I'll be ale to eat it by the end of the week!
    Enjoy your weekend!xx