My top weight loss tips

As you, I am trying to lose a bit of weight and be healthier, and as I have been dealing with this shitty woman-body stuff for years, I do have a few tips that may help you.

  • Tip number 1-I know people say don't eat late at night , but the trick isn't necessarily how late at night you eat, but how soon before bed time you eat. So if you go to bed at around 11 pm, try and have your dinner at around 8 pm, so your body has time to digest the food and start to burn it off before bed. (If you must snack, have something light like strawberry's)
  • PORTION PORTION PORTION!- ummm, yes portion control is super important.  it can be so easy when you are eating things that are not very fattening  and pretty healthy such as cereal or pasta, to give yourself large portions and there you go, you have just added more calories without realizing. So you can use food scales if you want too, but if you don't have one just use your common sense! and hands! so a nice handful of cereal and pasta will do.
  • Use smaller plates and cutlery- You will look like bit of a nutter, but  this is really useful in making yourself think you are eating more then you are. I use smaller bowls and plates and a baby knife and fork.
  • Think high fiber- High fiber foods are so good for your body and make you feel fuller for much longer. So fill up on high fiber foods like brown bread, brown rice,hole-grain cereal and so on.
Do you have any good weight loss tips? do share!

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