The Samantha Brick beauty syndrome!

For those of you living on planet  earth the past few days, you may have read a little article in the the daily mail called "Why women hate me for being beautiful" written by journalist Samantha Brick (if at this point you have not read it, I urge you  to now go and read it before continuing to read this post)  and has unsurprisingly proved to be quite a controversial topic to say the least.

Some people are convinced it's a PR stunt, while others say it was an April fools day joke or maybe just a case one woman's pure narcissism,  whatever it is it has certainly  made an impact. I must admit that the tittle of the article alone made me think "seriously?" but as I started reading it, I realized that there was more to it than that. We have all at some point in our life's been jealous of  another woman whether it was a stranger, someone we work with or a good friend. And we have all made an assumption about another woman we don't know just because of her looks, but what miss Brick is trying to say is that women hate her because of her beauty, see her as a treat because of her beauty, and find it hard to be friends with her because of her guess what yep, her beauty . At one point in the article, she says she has never been asked to be a brides maid at any of her female friends weddings, because she is a good looking woman.  

However self-obsessed the article may seem, she makes a few valid points and the one that made me stop and think was the part where she said "You'd think we women would applaud each other for taking pride in our appearances"  because that is so true! I do get jealous if I see someone I know looking fabulous, but not in your typical way. I tend to take it more as a sign that I need to make more of an effort to look good, and just leave it at that. But women do judge one another as if to say "There is such a thing as being to gorgeous" , and if you take care of yourself, ie, wear heels, dress up and always wear makeup, women who don't have the time or the money to, tend to turn their nose up at you and dub you as a shallow, self-centered woman . 
I never really knew what it felt like for someone to not like you for no reason, but last year I met a woman who was dating a friend of mine who was a quite a bit older than me, and from the first time I met her it was Crystal clear she didn't like me.And to be honest, I was baffled as to why that was (because I was on my best behavior, I promise!) and it did bother me.Later on when a mutual friend asked her why she didn't like me she said it was because I was "up myself" and because whenever I came round I was "all made up and dressed up" and at the time I felt bad for the woman! now looking back, I think since when is it a crime to want to make an effort to look nice?  women should look at other women who make an effort to look good and realize that it probably does not come easy to them, and that maybe, just maybe they are just as insecure as the shrinking violet in the corner in jeans and a T-shirt and are using the glamour to mask it?

There is that classic notion that women hate other beautiful women, and that idea has been put in our heads since we were little girls, reading fairy tales like snow white, where the queen wants snow white dead because she it more beautiful that her and as far fetched as that seems it does make sense, but it's sad. It is sad that we can't stick up for one another and celebrate each others fabulousness because of our own issues. Samantha Brick's article is pretty ridiculous by all accounts, and the worst part is it shows both  types of women at their worst, but it also teaches us something I think we all knew all along but could defiantly do with the occasional reminder and that is that it really is what on the inside that counts.



  1. I entirely agree!


  2. really love this piece, i agree with everything you say and think girls really need to stop putting eachother down all the time!