OOH LA SPA ultimate detox salt scrub review!

Sorry for being an absent blogger, I seem to forget at times that I do in fact have a blog, and that I need to update it more regularly.

I'm sure you all know  that i'm a huge fan of a "pamper night" and no such night would be complete without a good body scrub session. I have used so many and not once have repurchased a scrub, both high-end and low. I was in my local superdrug store a few weeks ago, just looking around as you do (and was then very surprised when a woman who worked there started talking to me in Spanish, and when I just mumbled    "Sorry, I don't speak Spanish" she said I looked it, and then walked off...strange people!) when I came across the OHH LA SPA scrub. I was interested as soon as I saw the word "detox" as i'm a sucker for anything that promises to detoxify your body and as it was £3.99 I picked it up. 

OHH LA SPA describe it as "A sumptuous blend of skin polishing salts and moisturising oils to leave skin soft and smooth." sounds promising right? so on my next pamper night I was excited to  give it a go (yes, I am a werido who gets excited about such things). I applied in circular motions on damp skin, and here is what I think of it:

The scent- It has a very hard to describe scent, and one i'm not 100% sure how pleasant it actually is. It's a kind of sweet, bubble bath smell.

The packaging- I love it!  the scrub come in a pretty heavy glass gar (that can be a little hard to close) but it provides a more lux feel to the product. I like it.

The texture- It has a very soft, creamy texture and the salt crystals are very, very fine and the oil in it does leave a light oily residue on the skin, so not grate for a pre-tan scrub.

All in all, this is a nice scrub and at £3.99 per 550 gr, grate value for money, but i'm the kind of girl who likes a good scrub! I like to feel like it has actually made a real difference to my skin and got rid of every dead skin cell, and this is just to creamy for me, I like it rough (no, get your head out of the gutter ladies, not in that way...) and this does not cut it for me i'm afraid. I thinks it safe to say this is the soft girl's scrub....

Have you used this? what did think of it?