Your opinion on starting a random second channel!

So as you may know if you follow me on Facebook and twitter  that I have been contemplating starting up a second YouTube channel  because lately I have been feeling like I have other things I like to talk about apart from beauty (yes, shocker I know!)  and feel like I don't want those types of videos on my beauty channel.

When I say random, I don't mean a  kind of  vlog/ day in the life channel because a) My life is not that interesting and b)  I don't feel comfortable "putting" my life out in the public eye, in any way. I know people, me included like to know everything about peoples life's, but that is not for me. I don't want people to know what my house looks like, or where I live or what I drive or who i'm seeing and so on. That being said, I do love a good ramble video and a tend to get a pretty good response from people when I do them. I think this channel would consist of things like ramble videos about diffident things, maybe a little food or cooking related  things, Books, TV shoes and films.....and just stuff like that basically! 

The other things i'm slightly worried about  is the i'll get stick for not updating it as often as my beauty channel, but I want to make it clear that my beauty channel would still be my "main" outlet and I will only update the second if and when i'm feeling like it.

I realize i'm not  selling this idea very well, but I hope you get the idea and I would love to know what you all think!


  1. Id say save yourself the hassle and just put it all on the channel you have, way too many ppl out there who have different channels and its so hard keep up and easily gets confusing, i think its easier keep it all on the one channel please! thank you beautiful girl.

  2. I want my beauty channel to be just about beauty so not sure....xx

  3. I say go for it :) If you end up realizing that it is a mistake, you can always close the channel...but I think it's a good idea and it will allow you to branch out if that makes sense :)

  4. I love your rambly type of videos, so I fully support you having a second channel! I understand the concept of wanting to keep your beauty channel separate, and I agree that a second channel may be the best option for you. I would subscribe in a heartbeat! Love ya girlie, xo!

  5. Go for it. There are other Youtubers out there who have done the same and are very successful, like Fleur de Force. Personally, I love watching videos about other bits and bobs made by people I already know of from beauty channels and blogs, so I think it's a great idea :-)

    Mel x


  6. go for it. i lover ramble videos but i know iof you put them on your beauty channel it would bug some people. Create it and count on my sub x