Smashbox photo finish oil free primer review

I have not always been a primer girl. For years I would relay on an oil-free moisturizer underneath my makeup, and never really felt the need to use a primer. Since discovering YouTube and beauty blogs however (what was my life about before?) I had started to become interested in facial primers.

For those of you who don't know, facial primers are used to crate a smooth canvas for your foundation and help refine any fine lines and open pores, along with helping your makeup last the little bit longer. One of the most famous primers in the beauty world is the SMASHBOX photo finish primer.(in the oil-free version ,essential for an oily girl like me) Now, this has been around for a while, and so many people love it so I wanted to see what the hype was about.

I have been using it on and off for almost a year now, so I have seriously put it to the test! it's a clear, silicon based primer that promises to create the perfect canvas for your makeup. I like the fact that's its oil-free, and it does have an extremely silky texture (I must point out at this point, that if you hate that silky, silicon texture this will not be for you!) that glides on to the skin beautifully. My issue with this is, I have really large pores around my nose (that are  much smaller now thanks for asking, thank you clarisonic) and I really wanted a product that would help minimize the size of the pores,or at least help them look less noticeable and this did not help with that at all. In fact, no primer I have ever used has helped the pore situation.

I do still think that a primer is not an absolute must-have item in your makeup bag, and this one in particular does not help my makeup last any longer than an oil-free moisturizer, and does not make my skin look instantly amazing al la Clarins beauty flash balm but what it does do a good job of is creating a really smooth base, that helps my foundation look more flawless, and apply easier.You can purchase this primer at debenhams for £26.10 so it's pretty pricey, and not something I think I would buy again once I finish using it.

What are your opinion on primers? are they a must-have or just a nice little extra?       


  1. have you tried the porefessional by benefit? xx

  2. I can never decide what I think about primers. I never know if my foundation really goes on/looks better, or if I am just imagining it because I want it to be the case! I must admit, I have never exactly been blown away by any I have tried, but somehow I still feel like giving others a go, but as you say, this one is a little pricey for something that may or may not make a difference!
    Mel x


  3. I know! I sometimes think it's one those things the beauty industry tricks up in to thinking we need! xxx

  4. I am enlightened about primers, and it seems that i don't need it since i am blessed with a nice skin that foundation alone can fix it. Thanks i will save my money for a mascara instead.

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