Get your body ready for summer with the help of a spa beauty insider!

Despite that fact that the weather is telling us otherwise (yes April showers, i'm talking to you) summer is fast approaching us, and we all know what that means: Goodbye forgiving winter clothes, hello revealing summer wear! If the idea of baring all this summer is enough to break you into a cold sweat, this is the post for you.

As you may know form watching my videos,I am a huge believer in daily maintenance, as appose to that pre-holiday panicked scrub down, the day before you need to slip in to your bikini. Here to second that motion, I have the lovely Corrine Jenner, who is going to answer a few beauty related questions to help get us ready for summer.It's time to cast off those winter layers and get gorgeous from head to toe!

Corrine, who has very kindly agreed to share her tips with us, has 20 years experience in  the beauty and spa Industry, and has worked for 5 years at Finders International, spa find head office, Kalmora Spa, in Kent, as a manager and supervisor.

1) With summer fast approaching, the idea of baring your body can seem slightly daunting to most women…….what are your top tips for getting your body looking ready for summer?

1) "Do a 3 day detox, drinking only fresh fruit smoothies and juice, fresh veg broth and filtered water and herbal teas to eliminate toxins and bloating. Continue with a healthy diet. Do 30 mins brisk exercise everyday. Exfoliate your skin from top to toe with a heavey duty body scrub and Apply fake tan for a golden glow!"

2) Speaking of getting your body beach ready, most women are worried about the dreaded cellulite! I know there are no magic cures for it, but is there anything we can do about it?

2) "Drink hot water and lemon every morning on an empty stomach to kick start your system.Drink cleansing herbal teas such as nettle and fennel and avoid caffeine and caffeinated drinks.  Dry body brush every day in upwards direction before you shower. Get plenty of exercise.  Apply a firming lotion daily."

3) After having your feet covered up in boots all winter, your feet will be needing a little TLC. Can you share your top tips for the perfect at-home pedicure? 

3) "Always treat yourself to a Spa Pedicure at the start of summer, and then continue at home. A pumice stone used with a foot scrub followed by a rich foot cream works wonders!"

4) A lot of women complain about their skin drying out during the cooler months, what are you tops tips for rehydrating your skin to give it that lovely summer glow?

4) "Gently exfoliating works wonders to brighten the skin, And applying a rich body lotion to finish will help to re-hydrate dry winter skin."

5) What little tweaks should we all be doing in our everyday routine that you think most women neglect?

5) "Be sure to include daily skin brushing and religious application of a good body moisturiser teamed with weekly exfoliation, to prevet your skin from drying out ."

6) Share your favourite ever beauty product.

6) "Spa Find Deep Peeling cream, it gently removes all dead skin by adhering to the skin, leaving skin radiantly glowing, hydrated and silky smooth. It also works wonders used on hands!"

7)Last but not least, what are your top beauty tips for busy women on a budget?

"Pick one evening when you always have your bathing beauty ritual, for instance every Friday night. Have a wonderful relaxing bath filled with mineral rich Dead Sea salts (Just a little sparkleicious tip here for you, if you suffer from bloating, try adding some Epsom salt in to your bath) and exfoliate your whole body, and rasp your feet, use a face mask , and a hair mask , soak and remove cuticles. Then continue when you out of the bath by applying body moisturisers, file and paint nails. This a lovely relaxing way to ensure you are in tip top condition and also have so much needed me time."

So there you have it, the best tips form a fellow beauty insider. We all feel a little worried about getting our bodies ready for summer but I hope this will help you get a little closer to getting your perfect summer body, and leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

*For those of you who are interested in treating yourself to a little pampering spa session, be sure to take a look at the Kalmora Spa website and see what treatments are right for you .


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