The world best lip gloss.....EVER!

Just like in life, the makeup world tends to belong to 2 camps in the lip department, lipstick vs lip gloss. I have always been on team lipstick because of a few little things that always bothered me about lip gloss:

*I have quite darkly pigmented lips, so the products I apply on them have to be pretty pigmented or they end up looking a weird shade, and lip gloss never seemed to provide enough lip-coverage for me. Oh and why not just wear lip gloss over my lipstick you ask? then it feels heavy on my lips of curse! 
*As you may have noticed (or may not, no judgment) I have seriously curly hair that goes everywhere. This is not a good thing for a lip gloss lover as they tend to be quite sticky and then my hair gets stuck on them.....ewww!
*The shimmer factor. Most lip glosses tend to have shimmer in them, and in the cheaper verities, its the cheap glitter that you can feel! and i'm not a fan of that.

So, now that i'm done sounding like a really picky cow, you are probably wondering why 
I would write a post called "The best lip gloss....EVER?" well, I have been slightly converted. I say slightly because I don't now love all glosses, just one in particular.

And the one is coral reef, by REVLON. 
Words can not describe my love for this, but i'll try. I was in my local superdrug and was casually looking at the REVLON makeup counter when their new lip glosses caught my eye because at the time (this was a year or so ago) they were the "IT" thing everyone on YouTube was raving about (particularly the shades   lilac pastelle and  peach petal) and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. That was when I spotted the shade called coral reef, a beautiful, vibrant true coral. It looked amazing, and it seemed to have no shimmer in it, so I tested it on my lips and it was love at first sight! It was so creamy and pigmented and not at all sticky! I bought it and put it on as soon as I left the shop (that's a true indication you really love something if there ever was one)  and every time I looked in a mirror, I could not believe how pretty it looked, because as much as I love lipstick, and god knows I do, it can make your face seem a little flat at times and gloss helps give your face that pretty, glossy look.

I love how it applies......
How it feel on the lips, how it smells (not like sickly vanilla, as most glosses these days do) and how creamy it is, and how pigmented it is.

 (This photo shoes how happy it makes me!)

For me, this really is the most amazing lip  gloss ever and I can honestly never see myself falling out of love with it, but then again, you never know...........

Have any of you tried it? did you love it as much as I do?