Lush porridge soap review!

I have to admit i'm not a bar soap kind of girl. I love the idea of how different they can be, but I tend to stick to a gel formula because of one main reason; bar soaps dry my skin out, big time!

I don't have super dry skin on my body but every time I use a bar soap I get out of the shower feeling like my skin is dry and tight and there is nothing worse than that! Anyway, I was out and about and went into LUSH to buy something for my sister and ended up looking at their soap bars. After a little chat with the sales assistance, she suggested I try the porridge soap because as we all know oats are grate for dry skin and so many brands today seem to use them to combat dry skin on your body. LUSH describe this soap as a blend of pinhead oats and oatmilk, that nourish the skin and provide some exfoliation due to the knobbly bits of oats. It's a nice mix of natural and syntactic ingredients and has a lovely sweet scent.

I have used this a few times now and although I love how it feels on the skin and I love how it makes my bathroom smell, I have a few issues with it:
1) It is LESS drying than other bar soaps (by LUSH anyway) but it still leaves me with that tight "must moisturize" feeling. And i'm not a fan of that.
2) It creates almost no lather! which I find very strange because it does contain SLS, so it should foam up pretty well.

Overall, it is a nice soap and I love how it feel on the skin but i'm afraid it's still not wow enough to convert me to bar soaps yet.

Have you used it? what bar soaps do you enjoy using?  


  1. I've always used the dove cream bar and i've never had any pbs with it :P


  2. I bought a Lush soap bar through a friend's recommendation but wasn't the biggest fan of the scent. I'm gonna try this one. Thanks for sharing!!

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  4. I have wanted to try that one for a long time! I will probaly buy it when I go by Lush the next time :)

    Otherwise, I love Honey I washed the kids, Sultana of soaps and Sexy Peel (It has a strong citrus scent so it will for sure wake you up in the morning!) I also love the lipscrubs :)

  5. I love this soap but it made a very big mess in my shower which my family hated hahah i also love Its raining men shower gel/honey i washed the kids soap!!!! such amazing smells, iv also done a review on it http://beth92-beth92.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/its-raining-men.html so nice!