Where is the glamour?!

I'll be the first to admit that since we have moved in to our new house, the glamour factor in my life has pretty much gone out the window. I'm not saying it's the house's fault, and i'm sure many of you can relate to the fact that life is expensive, meaning more bills to pay and less cash to spend on, well, me! Add that to the fact that i'v put a little weight on and it's still pretty grey and cold outside and you have one boring lady!

Truth be told, it's starting to get me down a little, this un-glamorous business. In some ways I do try and always make an effort (both for my sake and for my other half)  and always have perfectly painted nails, smooth skin and perfectly matching underwear (on my not-so-perfect body!) but i'm finding that it's not enough to make me feel glam!

So what's a girl to do? the lazy side of me thinks just chill, but the other side thinks it's time for me to get back on that glamour horse !  and now is also the perfect time because i'm going out tomorrow night for a friends birthday, after not going out in forever so I need all the help I can get! I have already painted my nails red and am planing to give my body a good scrub so it's ready for some fake tan! then it's all about my ultimate glamouse weapons: 
High heels & red lipstick!


  1. In order for you to feel better, just go for a walk 3 times a week. That's how I got my best body! I used to spend the day at the gym and it didn't help me at all. It just made sick/fed up of working out..I think you shouldn't worry too much. You're beutiful, intelligent, friendly!! And you have that something other girls don't! And be sure that we don't wanna see you sad - specially because of you imagining you don't look great. Stop it! Now! With love, LucciPro

  2. And..one more thing: There are times in life when we have to sacrifice not so important things in order to build a structure for the future - like what you've been doing lately..Your house, your job..
    One day you'll have kids and it'll be another period of sacrifice but soooo rewarding!!
    I'm sure you'll be ok! You're strong! Your dreams will come true!