The power of red nails!

Very few things make me as happy as nail polish does. It's bizarre, I can't explain it but I am addicted to nail polish, I mean what's the point of having nails if you can't cover them in something as girly and pretty as color?

I am a big fan of the shorter nail, which is strange because I remember spending  my teens wishing I had naturally long nails and even had a few occasions of, I hate to admit it,with Fake stick on nails! Never again. I still think long(ish) nails can look good, but only painted with in a natural shade. but short nails in my opinion are just so chic and can rock any color with such ease!

I am all for the timeless class and to me that means red nails. The perfect red nail can make you feel so glamorous, yet polished at the same time. There are so many shades of red polishes out there, it can be hard to nail (Haha get it?) the "one". But as with men, i'm not sure I buy the hole concept of the "one"  simply because there are so many, and they are so different! The one I am wearing on my nails atm is one I bought a few days ago, and when I showed it to my sister she said "Like you need ANOTHER red nail polish!" not understanding that to me, they all have a place in my collection and in my heart. Every woman need a deep, vampy shade  to wear during the winter months when it's cold and grey outside. Another must have red is the glittery "party season" red that can be infused with silver. gold or multi-colored  glitter to add that festive sparkle. Then we have the summer red, that is a kind of combo of coral, red and orange shades that manages to look like summer in a bottle (and looks fab with a tan) And then we have the queen of red, the classic "REVLON" red. This is the shade that looks good no matter what, and is just a true classic.

What is your "Top Red"?

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