Why did you let me down the sanctuary?

I have been meaning to do this post for a while and just didn't seem to be getting round to it, but because this is sat on the edge of my bath it's a constant reminder that I need to write about this because it is a strange product.....

We are talking about the sanctuary skin warming micrbrasion polish. I love these types of  at-home treatment because they are easy to use, inexpensive and tend to make your skin feel amazing. The sanctuary claim this is a " A unique, deep exfoliating treatment scrub that helps to refine the skin and minimise an uneven skin texture. The thermal action, combined with the microbrasion effect of the natural Marine Earth and detoxifying Kaolin helps to open pores, exfoliate and draw out toxins. Bamboo, Jojoba and Beeswax help to smooth and soften the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines."

The things I like about this are:

1)Nice packaging, it looks very sleek and elegant

2) Reasonably priced at £12.25
3)Easily available, you can just walk into your local boots and pick it up.

Things I dislike about it:
1)The scent- I'm not one who minds the smell of things, but this is really not my cup of tea....it has a very strange,old-lady skincare scent.
2) The warming effect? not very warming and does not last very long on the skin.
3) The grains in it that are meant to polish your skin are very small and fine, but my skin is pretty hardy so this may be ok for you.

This gets a huge thumbs down from me as it has an unpleasant scent and I hate how the heat does not last.

Have any one you used it? did you like it? 

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