Another outfit of the day for you all....is it not nice weather today? I'm loving it! I love this time of year when you get those crisp, clear fresh days and all the leaves are golden.....you can feel Xmas coming!  I went out to get a few things I needed and am now sat watching F1 (not my first choice but I do love Lewis Hamilton) so this is what I wore:

(Yea I am aware both photos are pretty similar, but wanted to make sure you got the idea!)

Jumper- MATALAN I got this the other day because it was so cold and I love it! it has a tweed pattern on it but because it's slouchy (I did get it in a big size so it would be baggy) it looks grate and is very warm.


Jeans- ASDA (love them to death!) I did fold them up for a more modern feel, I love that casual look.


Sunglasses- GUCCI

Bag- focco 

What was your weather like? what do you normally do on a sunday?

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