The secrets of a perfect pampering bath

I am 100% a bath person. Give me a bath over a hot steaming shower any day and i'm a happy bunny but, during these bitterly cold winter months (it's 1 degree today.....seriously?)  I need a little bit of special pampering time and there is nothing I love more then having a long,bubbly soak in the bath.

I love bath products, I love how they have that magical ability to make you feel wonderfully papmerd and cared for. I start off by running a very hot bath (Which by the way, is not very good for your skin especially if it's dry) while the bath is running I give my body a brush using my Boots botanics detox brush to help tone up my body and detoxify my skin. What I put in my bath depends on my mood but I'm not a fan of your stranded bubble bath because I find them very drying. A few of my favorite things to put in my bath are the dead sea bath salts,these help detoxify your skin and are good if you suffer from any dry skin conditions such as eczema. An all time bath love of mine is the  Neutrogena body oil. A few splashes on this in your bath water will make your skin feel amazing! The next step is lighting a few candles (I love YANKEE candles at the moment, and ocean breeze is a bath time favorite) and get in the bath.

I have always been jealous of those of you who can read in the bath...i'm a big reader but for some reason I can not do it in the bath! So instead, I scrub! The body scrub i'm loving at the moment is the SOAP& GLORY breakfast scrub. Once i'm done in the bath, I get out a apply some body oil to damp skin..........A good body oil should feel light and silky, sink in to the skin and leave a beautiful sheen on the skin. My favorite body oil is the NO7 pampering dry oily body spray  And last but not least, you may thing it's a little much but remember it's all about pampering me time but I love to let the body oil sink in to my damp skin and them apply a rich, moisturizing  body butter. My all time favorite is THE BODY SHOP almond body butter because nothing makes your skin feel as soft and sexy as this! 

So there you go, that is my favorite pampering recipe and I hope you all remember to take some time out, especially around this hectic time of year  and treat your self to a pampering body beautiful bathing session!


  1. lovely post, have to have a bath soon!



  2. quick question, where does one find soap&glory products and the boots botanic detox brush you mention?

    at some sort of pharmacy? here in Canada we have shoppers drugmart and rexdale