Body battles

I am currently sat in my living room watching  TV and the rain is hitting the roof pretty hard and it got me thinking that so many of you love my weight/body issues related videos but those are unfortunately  the  kind of videos I have to be really feeling in the mood for, so I felt maybe a little blog post would do......

I don't love my body. there I said it. I read so many books and see so many experts (Gok Wan anyone?) talking about how we should love and appreciate what we have but seriously, how any women do you really know who really, TRULY love their body and treat it with love and respect? you here sayings like " if you don't love you no one will" and yet I always end up thinking you are missing the point! in my opinion, you are not meant to LOVE your body, you are meant to learn to respect it but that need to improve it , that need never truly goes away. I don't love my body and there are around 10000 things I would like to change about it but if I really wanted to change it that badly, surely I would starve myself  and be down the gym 24/7  but i'm not. And why is that you wonder? because I have come to realize that no matter what I do i'm never, ever going to look like Elle Macpherson, but that does not mean I stopped caring....I think I will always want to better myself in some way or another but the difference now is unlike  5 years ago, I have learned to (semi, still a long way to go!) respect my body.

What do you think?    


  1. Hello, Well there's a lot of comments i could make about this posting. Just for starters i want you to know that i am posting this with the most respect a women could actually have to another. No one is perfect we often want to be different in many aspects of our life's, bodies and attitudes. We sometimes might wish we were someone else or may even envy other women for things we don't have. But the most important thing that you have to comprehend is that the "Difference" in every human being is what makes this world such a fabulous place. Imagine if everyone was alike and "perfect figure!" That would be totally awkward and boring. right? You have to built your self-esteem little by little and learn to love yourself. Which for someone to be able to built self-esteem must have mental health and must have the physical, emotional, social, mental, spiritual & environmental balance in life. Work on them and you're confidence will be like a sky rocket! Focus on your talents and passion for fashion and beauty.

    In my opinion you are a gorgeous women. With unbelievable talents, and for that i don't have to get to know you... Your positive attitude and shine just reflects on your personality. Keep up with what you are doing and believe in yourself. Wish you well. Keep Shining. Xoxo

  2. Hey Avia! My name is Laís and I'm from Brazil, so I have to apologize for errors in English.
    Well, about you wrote. I feel exactly the same way about my body and what people talk about how we should treat it.
    I do not like my body eighter, and, like you, I've lost weight a long time ago and I got fat again. And I'm still struggling with this, learn to respect how my body is, and it's no good, he always will.
    We are very similar, not only in our history, but also in appearance. My hair is also curled like yours, my body is very similar to yours, well, that should not make any difference to you. You must be thinking "Oh, it's just a girl who does not like your body, that's new", but for me, find a person like you led me to change my position on this, because I realized that I am not a freak, I'm not the only different, my body is like that and that's how other people will have to respect it, like it or not!
    So I wanted to cheer you up about all that you are going through, but believe that everything will pass, and the sooner you accept it all, all this will soon pass and you will realize how beautiful you are (: