My super healthy eating plan

As many of you will know, i'm on a health kick at the moment trying to be healthier and lose a few pounds in time for party season. So I am doing something I have NEVER  done before and i'v gone on a mini detox cutting out dairy,any packaged foods,unrefined carbs (as in potato's, pasta, rice bread and that but also i'm cutting out the wholegrain type, just for the time being to speed up the weight loss) Junk food of any kind and meat because i'm a veggie, so that's always been the way.

I have been over indulging big time lately so I felt my diet could do with a good kick up the arse! I decided the best idea would be to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and beans for protein so I'm going to share with you what I have been eating because it's so easy, healthy filling and yummy.

In the morning I have a glass of  Innocent fruit smoothie (Make sure you read the back to see what a serving size really is) because they are natural, easy and provide 2 of your 5 a day. Then for the rest of the day all I eat are fresh, homemade soup. A few favorites are pea soup, lentil soup, butter bean soup, fresh tomato soup and anything you like really!  Soup is such a grate option because they are healthy and very filling. I eat 3 bowls of soup a day so one for lunch, one mid after none and one for my dinner. I love eating soup now it's cold and i'm eating so much vegetables!  Now I will say this is not the most flexible eating plane and is only good for a short amount of time, so if I go out for a meal I can eat what I want and then go back to eating my healthy fruit and soups and hopefully this  will also make me feel light, energetic and with glowing skin.

I will let you know how I'm getting on soon:) xxx 

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  1. Soups are the best when trying to lose weight, they are sooo filling!I eat soup every single day,for dinner,and it really helps!But be careful though,it's very easy to let things get out of control when we're eating a more strict diet,even if it is just for a short period of time...But I hope this works for you! :) Oh,vegetable stews are amazing if you get a bit tired of eating soup!xxxx