This is just a very little outfit of the day post, nothing extraordinary as I spend my after none in B&Q shopping for paint. Yep that is my glamorous life!

First things first, my thighs look huge! I blame the judgement on my behalf, leggings need a longer top to hide my massive thighs.

Jacket- MANGO (Love it to bits! I got it 2 years ago and it is perfect)
Vest under the top- GAP
Leggins- PRIMARK
Shoes- PRIMARK again and I love them! £4 and so dainty and very comfortable.

Now there is something I must point out....I love reading fashion blogs and seeing how people style their outfits and I know that my outfits are not the most existing thing is the world, or the most fashionable shall we say. My style is pretty simple and sadly does not take amazing photos like some other bloggers I know who have model like physics (Yes buynowbloglater I mean you) but you seem to like these posts so I will keep doing as you ask.....I am indeed, a very obedient blogger.


  1. I don't think your style is "simple", I think it's very classic and chic...You always look lovely :) xxx

  2. You look lovely and your thighs look lovely too! There is nothing wrong with having a womanly figure!

  3. You have a really nice, put-together and classy style. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with your thighs! x