Review time-Soap&Glory Sit Tight intense XS!

We all know that when it come to cellulite, there are no magic solutions and in most cases you can never get rid of it completely because it is due to so many factors, some of which you have zero control over (being a woman sucks right?!)  and it can be very frustrating, especially if you are planning on wearing a bikini or a shorts any time soon, and in this weather you would be a fool not to!

I have always been a fan of S&G fan products. I love the ethos behind the brand, the quirky names and the cute packaging,and I have always likes using a cellulite treatment as part of my everyday body routine so I was very excited to try out this product.

I was sent this a few ago by the lovely people at S&G and have been using it ever since. S&G describe it as a special super-strength body firming serum and claim in 4 week your skin will look firmer, tighter, and less dimply. It's new super strong formula has been created to reduce the dreaded  orange peel appearance and stimulate circulation to aid lymphatic drainage as it has a rollerball type of applicator (Think like an eye rollerball but for your thighs) and it's actually made to work better while you sit, so maybe we can have out cake and eat it after all?

As S&G state of the packaging it's very important you understand that this is NOT going to miraculously transform your thighs and solve all your cellulite issues forever, what this does it just makes it a little better by stimulating the area and helping smooth it out (I should also mention that one of it's main ingredients is in fact caffeine, which is very commonly used in most anti-cellulite treatments)  and making it feel and appear smoother for a short amount of time. I have been using this every evening on clean, dry skin,I twist the cap and apply the cool serum in circular monitions on the back of my thighs and bum area, then twist it off and just rub it in a little longer. 

A few things you should know about Sit Tight intense XS:
*The consistency is a very thing, serum almost-gel like consistency.
*S&G state you may feel a slight heating feeling upon application, but the real heat comes when you sit down. Now, I  love products that heat up, but this one heats up for just a little too long in my opinion, causing it to feel a little uncomfortable.
*A few reviews I had seen were complaining about the rollerball applicator but I personally like it and I think it actually works better because of it.
*It's RRP is £16.50 which I think is on the slightly pricey side, but it's not going to break the bank.  
*It's available in larger boots stores and on the boots website, as well as on the Soap& Glory website so it's pretty easy to get hold of.

I have noticed that since using this my thighs are slightly smoother, and the skin feels tighter and less dimply.(I decided against before and after photos as my thigh area is really not much to look at, plus I think it would be a little odd!) In terms of how my skin looks the difference is not THAT visible, but it makes me feel better about my cellulite which I guess is half the battle.   

Have any of you used this? what did you think?




  1. I was actually looking at this products today,may try it out for myself and see if it helps or not xx

  2. I'm always a bit skeptical that these products only improve the appearance of skin a bit because they are moisturising - not sure there is much else to it!
    Also find it odd that we are told that drinking caffeine causes cellulite, and yet that is what is used in creams designed to combat it!?
    Still, I live in hope, and if you say you can see a difference then I'm happy to give it a try! I know what you mean about feeling better about it, I always seem to feel better about mine when I'm trying to do something about it, whether or not it actually works!
    Mel x

    1. Hey!
      Caffeine is not grate it your body as it can have toxin's in it, but when used on the skin, think how coffee gives people an energy boost? it does that to you skin, it's get the blood moving and stimulates the area.....I know it sounds odd, but hope it makes sense!


  3. I really want to invest in this! Is it worth it?


  4. I really want to try this. Love your honest review! :)