Cold OTTD!

For those of you who live in the UK this will come as no surprise, but the weather is still really cold. I went to see the avengers last night (and it was actually really good) so thought i'd show you what I wore;

 (We shall ignore my stupid expression)

My bag- The black focco bag, from eBay.
My boots- These are the ASOS aggie boot in navy (love them so much!)
My jeans-Gap 
My scarf- From the men's section in River Island (which is always grate for scarfs btw)
My coat- My trusty black TOPSHOP coat.

Although they are not visible in this photo my top was a long navy jumper from H&M and I have some random pearl drop earnings and my much loved crystal ring on.

I hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoyed the extra day off! 

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  1. lotsoflipgloss18 May 2012 at 20:18

    How posh casual! I love it!!!

    Hey, Avia I was hoping/wondering if you'd be willing to do a sort of fan video? Like adressing and reading out comments/letters/emails you've gotten from fans that have really impacted you or made you laugh. Wed love to hear what you thought about fans you've had on your videos and blog posts that made you realize how much youve helped us all. I think itd be super interesting (: <3 xx