Clarasonic update-A year on!

I have wanted a clarasonic for as long as I can remember so once I had one, needless to say I was super existed to try it. My first impression of it was effected by the price as I was expecting big things for £120 but now I truly see why so many people adore it.

You see my last review of it here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jN9JKp_X0
The best cleansers to use with the clarasonic-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85csGJadkZg
For all the info on the clarasonic as well as where you can buy it click here-http://www.salonskincare.co.uk/index.php/manufacturers_id/266/ref/6?gclid=CKG5goSuqLACFcohfAodJGtlWQ

What am I wearing?
Nails- Chic nail polish in 226
Lips- REVLON 001 nude attitude lipstick, No7 lipliner in nude, Rimmel lipstick in shake up pink.

I hope you enjoy the video!



  1. I'm SO glad to see its worked for you! I wanted one really bad and when I saw your last review I started to question if it was really worth it. Its kind of funny in the video you mentioned people saying that your skin was already good to begin with because i was trying to rationalize getting one to myself and i was like "You know, her skin is so amazingly gorgeous and she already does so much to take care of herself that maybe the clarisonic can only do so much to what is already great and since my skin is not so great maybe it'll work better!" Haha it was silly.. but now that I see this, I am going to get it once I save up.
    I do have one other question though. Since one of my biggest problems is huge pores (one of the reasons I want the clarisonic) I am looking for a good mask to get impurities out. I am thinking ill try the BOOTS botanics conditioning clay mask because you mentioned to always get clay based masks. Have you ever tried that? I originally wanted the heating up mask you like (though I cannot remember the name for some reason) but they do not have it in the USA. Any help or suggestions would be great (:

    1. Hey!
      I have not used the botanics clay mask but I have used a few of their other products and they are lovely, so I would say it's worth a try. It's a shame you can't get the thermal detox mask (by the sanctuary) because it is amazing for large pores, but I find a face mask that is clay based and has thermal properties will help "clean out" your skin.

      Hope this helps and have a fab weekend! x