My experience as a vegetarian

I have mentioned in a few videos that I have been veggi all my life, and it's something I get asked about all the time and so many of you have asked me if I would do a video about it but I have decided against it as I feel it's the kind of topic that can cause allot of controversy as I  know i'll have people telling me being vegi is not healthy, what I eat is not really healthy, I should be vegan and so on.......and to be honest, i'm just not that in to that.

So where do we begin? I don't eat meat, chicken or fish and that's always been the way for me. My mother has always been that way too since she was a child and while she did cook meat for the other household members, I had never liked meat. I probably should be clear about my reasons for being vegetarian: I am not vegetarian for ethical reasons. I know it's not the most PC thing to say, but i'm telling the truth and the truth is the reason I don't eat meat is because I really hate the texture of it and i'm not overly keen on the idea of eating something dead (god this sounds controversial) I don't eat eggs because I don't like them, but I do eat dairy and while I did toy with the idea of being vegan for a while, I have decided it's not for me.

One of the most commonly asked questions about being a vegetarian is "How do you get your protein?"  but to be honest it's not something i'v ever really worried about it. I have always eaten dairy and I eat plenty of vegetables and pulses so i'v never worried too much about it. I don't believe in over thinking food,I don't believe in worrying and obsessing about getting enough of this and enough of that because I think 9 times out of 10 your body knows best, and if your eating a pretty healthy diet you will be fine. I don't all the fake meat products because a) I think they are full of preservatives b) They have the same texture as meat, which as we know, i'm not a fan of.

If any of you have any more questions about this I will do another post addressing them, and telling you a little more about my eating habits.

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