OTTD-What do you wear to go food shopping?

Hey there my lovelies!

I spent my day yesterday having lunch with a friend and doing some shopping and had an amazing time, so naturally I spent today doing quite the opposite: doing the weekly food shop and cleaning up as my boyfriend's mum and dad came to visit.

Activities such as these obviously require a super glamorous  outfit (yes i'm joking) so here is what I wore:

My top- H&M and I adore it! it's a really lovely sheer white cotton shirt, I got in tow sizes bigger than I am so it would be long and I could wear it with leggings. I love how it looks and it's super comfortable, casual yet looks put-together at the same time. It's in store and online now and it was £7.99.
My leggings- This is shameful......They are from Primark. They are pretty comfortable but  not very good  quality. But then what do you expect for £3?!
My shoes- These were actually from Primark too which is strange as I hardly ever shop there (I find it messy and it's always to busy) but they are really cute pointed toe lepored  print flats with a pretty gold chain detail. This is the third time I have worn them as they are not very comfortable but they look cute! 
My bag-This needs no introduction. The black "Focco"
My watch- I was wearing my gold watch from new look that was cheap as chips but I love it, along with some random "diamond wannabe"  bracelet.

All in all, this is a very inexpensive, simple outfit, but I think sometimes that is what is nice about reading real peoples blogs, you get to see what they wear in real life, ie, while shopping in Tesco's.

I hope you hall had a fab weekend! 


  1. please don't ever stop making videos or posts! Your a beautiful sweet person and out of all the youtubers I look forward to your videos the most. I don't see any issue with lighting in your videos but I watch your videos for your great recommendations and your warm personality not for the lighting! I just wanted know what brand the red nail varnish is you are wearing in this outfit looks amaze!? x

  2. Aww thank you darling! so sweet of you to say! my nail polish is by Sally Hansen, and it's called runway red-ey x

  3. You look amazing as always! I love your style, make-up and hair. Think I may defiantly need to pick up one of those shirts it looks gorgeous xx

  4. Hi! Love your hair and style, not to mention your amazing videos! I was wondering if you have any tips for frizzy curly hair, please!