JASON Glowing Apricot Hand & Body Lotion!

Hands up if you are as obsessed with moisturizing your body as I am? didn't think so. At the risk of sounding rather strange, I love the feeling of soft skin, and the feeling of your body  oil, lotion or butter (see? i'm not even picky) sinking in to your skin.....so relaxing and pampering!

Enter the product we are talking about today, the JASON Glowing Apricot Hand & Body Lotion. JASON describe this as a " botanically rich, non-greasy daily lotion naturally delivers deep, long-lasting hydration. Brightening Apricot Oil relieves skin dullness while nourishing Almond Oil instantly hydrates extremely dry skin. With use, skin is soft, smooth and glowing with health."  and I have to say, I have not been this impressed by a body lotion in a long time.

Some key things worth mentioning about this product:

  • It smells AMAZING! as the name would suggest, it has a lovely fresh apricot scent that will leave you sniffing your arms for hours afterwards. (No? just me? okay....)
  • If you suffer from dry skin, products containing almond oil are a fabulous solution as they help to really soften the skin and moisturize it deeply.
  •  At £6.99 per 250 gr it's pretty good value for money, considering the fact it's free from parabens and phthalates.
  • The texture is pretty thick yet smooth and gives a sheen to the skin (as often happens with body lotion containing almond oil) so the fact it's in a tube rather than a bottle makes it easy to dispense  
I must say I have not noticed it having a brightening effect on my skin, but it does do a good job at leaving it looking, smelling and feeling fantastic, and if you are someone who likes to stay away from too many  chemicals in your products, this is the one for you.

JASON glowing apricot hand & body lotion is available here  

Have you tried anything by JASON before?


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