Balance me cleanse and smooth face balm.

During the cooler months I have really loved using cleansing balms, I love how nourishing they feel and even though my skin is oily, I enjoy using them to deep cleanse my face and give it a massage. This one by balance me comes from 100% natural origin and is suited to dry and sensitive skin, but as I said it works for my skin too.

The things that makes this cleansing balm slightly different to any others is the fact it's got oatmeal in it, so it give your skin a very soft polishing effect, clearing away dead skin cell and dirt. It also contains roman chamomile to help sooth the skin and mandarin to brighten your complexion, and would be perfect for more mature skin (a good mothers day gift perhaps?) as it's so nourishing. The way to use this is to warm a small amount of the balm in your hands till it softens, and then massage it all over my face, my eyelids and lashes (it removes eye makeup really well!) and then dampen the muslin cloth it comes with with warm water, and polish it off. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and smooth, but nourished at the same time.

I use this about once a week, usually on a pamper night as my skin is oily, but if you have dry skin using this daily would really help combat it. It has a very natural scent and a slightly more oily texture than most cleansing blames ( it's not that classic hard texture that most balms have, and the oatmeal in it helps to really smooth out your skin) and feels like a real treat on the skin, as well as doing a fantastic job of taking all your makeup off, and I mean all of it.

At £20 per 125ml it's not the cheapest cleansing balm on the market but it's affordable by any means. It comes in a tube rather than a tub and a little goes a long way so it will last you a while.

The balance me cleanse and smooth face balm is available here


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