Bad For Beauty- Smoking!

So I came up with the idea of a series of posts that will talk about things that are bad for our looks, and the biggest one to start with is of course smoking. As a none-smoker (never have been) I know I can't say too much about giving up and i'm sure 99.9% of you know it's BAD for you, but do you really know the effects it can have on your looks?

One of most obvious things to mention is the fact it can give you cancer, we all know that one right? but did you know that is also damages your smile? smoking stains your teeth, making them appear not as white and can also cause gum disease and even tooth loss in some cases, so that's a pretty serious one to think about if your smile is important for you.

So much has been said about smoking being bad for your skin, and if i'm honest that's one of the main reason I never took up smoking (vain I know)  because the look of my skin is so important to me, and I want to keep it looking young for as long as possible. Let's just get it out there and say SMOKING CAUSES YOUR SKIN TO AGE PREMATURELY! this happens because smoking robs your skin of it's natural collagen and elastin, causing it to lose it's plumpness which makes it look youthful and bright. Smoking also deoxygenates your blood so your skin gets less nutrients, causing your skin to look saggy. 

One of the main things you tend to notice about smokers skin (sorry guys, but it's it's true!) is the dark circles. Smoking reduces your circulation which makes your skin appear lifeless and grey, and your dark circles even darker, so no matter how much sleep you get, your under-eye area will look tired. 

I could go on and on about the bed effects it has on your skin and more importantly your health, but i'm sure most you know it all already, but sometimes it takes something as silly as your looks to help you kick the habit as it's easy to ignore the effects it's having on the inside, but no so easy when you look at your skin and see the effects of your bad habits.

What do you guys think? are you smokers? does it effect your looks?



  1. I'm a past smoker, and it defiantly does nothing for your skin! My skin was beginning to look grey and it felt awful, I still suffer from blemishes and bad skin now but no where near as much as I did! Xx


  2. God, give us a break- it's personal choice to how we live our lives. We don't need a lecture from you.

    1. Sure it is, but it's also my personal choice to share my opinion (a 100% true opinion btw. I am not lecturing anyone, did I make you read this? did I make you listen to what I have to say? No. I was simply stating the clear facts. I understand the truth hurts, and what you do is totally up to you but getting so angry and rude over a silly blog post is rather unnecessary, and if you feel that strongly about it perhaps you should just learn to relax and click the X on things you don't enjoy, i'm sure you will find it rather liberating :)