How To Stop Biting Your Nails

I must confess, till about the age of 13 I was a big time nail-biter. I use to bite them down to raw little stumps, and could never paint them. I have since then stopped, and have not bitten them for years actually, but I can appreciate how hard it is to stop and how biting them gets in the way of you be able to feel proud of your nails, being able to shape and paint them however you like.

So why do some people bite their nails while others don't? it's simple really, it's a habit, and as we know, once something becomes a habit it can be ever so hard to break. Most women tend to do it when they are nervous or stressed as it offers a kind of mindless distraction, but ignoring the fact it doesn't look that nice, it can also disturb the growth of your nails and in some cases, cause infections.

So how do you stop?

  • One of the most common methods used when you are a child are using one of those horrid tasting things on your nails so you don't want to taste it. If it didn't work on you then, it won't work on you now.
  • Always have a nail file on you. As I said, it's a habit, but by not giving yourself the temptation of picking and biting a jagged nails, you  will end up breaking the pattern so every time you  feel the need to bite, file instead.
  • Keep your nails short and smooth so there are no rough corners to pick at or snag.
  • Use a nail hardener (Sally Hansen hard as nails is a gab one) as it the stronger your nails are, the less you will want to bite them.
  • One they are looking good, make sure you keep your nails looking good by painting them and using a cuticle oil, so you won't want to ruin how nice they look.
So there you have it, my top tips for the ultimate nails biter, or hopefully, soon to be ex-nail biter?



  1. i used to bite my nails al the time, i find that if they are painted i won't bite them

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  2. I pick at my nails so often - i hate it but it's such a hard habit to break!
    I sometimes find if i take the effort to paint them really nicely I'll leave them alone because i don't want to ruin the paint job :)