My very own thinspiration!

Before I stat this post I just need to say that when I say thinspiration, I don't mean it in that sick, eating disorder websites way. I mean it as in a photo that will inspire you to lose weight, and to make it even more body friendly, I have decided that taking a super model as your  inspiration  is unhealthy and will only make you feel worse because you are NEVER going to look like that.

I want to lose a little bit of weight and am finding it really hard at the moment to feel inspired and want to put in the effort........So I have found a few photos of me at the weight I want to get back down to, and have hung then up (I’m not crazy, it works!) on my fridge. I'll share the photos with you:

As you can see I was so much slimmer here than I am now but the strange thing is, around the time these photos where taken I really felt like I was a fat huge cow! And now looking at them I realize I was (for me anyway) pretty slim! So many of you lovely readers have told me you think I look grate the way I am  and should not lose any weight, and that is such a sweet thing to say! (Although is you saw me in real life you may feel differently….) but I know I need to do it for me because I want to feel and look like the best version of me. I know I’m never going to gt down to 7 stone and be super skinny and I have finally let go of that and know that it’s ok. I need to just look like the me that makes me feel good….not that I walk around feeling bad everyday, some days I feel pretty good even! But the truth is right now, I’m a little to big for me, to big to feel like the best version of me. By using my self as my “slim-down-roll-model” I’m not telling myself I need to get down to an impossible weight because I know I can do it.

What do you feel about the idea? Have you even used yourself as your own “thinspiration?"


  1. I'm so glad you wrote this because I've done the exact same thing!lol
    I didn't hang my pictures on my fridge, but keep them with me at all times now...and whenever I feel like eating something "bad" I just take a quick look at them and it actually helps!
    I'm finding it a bit hard to lose weight atm because I'm dealing with a lot of personal problems but I have to say that having my pics close to me prevents me from making even more eating mistakes!
    Thanks so much for writing this post, and btw you look beautiful no matter how much you weigh!:) xxxx

  2. Hey there -

    Have you tried the Paleo Diet? Check out this site to get started - http://www.marksdailyapple.com

    I just lost 25 lbs.

    Just read the blogs - there are dozens of them. It's easy and inexpensive - no fake food!

    Good luck!

  3. How do you make your curls look so nice, I have the exact same hair as you and the same length I just can't find the right hair products.

  4. You said it's funny that you felt huge when you were the size you want to get back to, but I never liked my body when I was smaller either. There was always something I'd dislike about my body, but now here I am wishing I was back at that size and shape. I'd like to lose about 7 pounds, and it's so difficult. This is a great idea for inspiration. Thanks. x

  5. I just wanted to say that looking at your videos you are a beautiful girl. I understand wanting to lose weight to be comfortable in your body but I really think it's important that you know that you are beautiful just the way you are :)

  6. This is inspiration to me as well (but more so, to eat healthy), so thank you =) But I have to say, that you looked stunning then and you look stunning now as well - no lie! Oh and I love your curls in the middle picture!

    1. Glad it helps you!:) and thank you sweetie:) xxx

  7. i love that im not the only one that does this! haha yep i put on 2 stone working in a cupcake shop, i had a pic of myself before and now im getting back on track and losing weight. i also use pics of fitness models and keep them on my phones screensaver.