Foundation review- Rimmel stay matte foundation

I’m a total foundation junkie. For some strange reason, that is the thing I’m always on the look out for, and love the polished look it gives me skin. For that very reason, I’ve ended up over the years trying so many that I think it’s about time I put my knowledge to good use!
Rimmel stay matte foundation is that type of product I would go for everyday, having oily skin the word “matte” is key for me. Rimmel claim that this foundation helps calm the redness in the skin, purifies and stays matte for 12 hours. There is also a few mentions to the chamomile, cotton and cucumber extracts used in the foundation. My problem with brands that use things like that is that the amount of those actual ingredients is actually tiny, yet they can still use it on the packaging to make you think it’s an extra hard working product! Annoying.

I’ve been testing it out for a while now and can safely say that on a scale of 1-10 it’s about a 4. The key things you need to know about this:
The coverage- pretty sheer….you can build it up but you will still need concealer.
The consistency- this is the main thin I dislike about this foundation. It has a very creamy, thick consistency for an oil -free foundation and slips al over the place when you try to blend it in, there for not grate if you like to use a brush to apply your foundation. This is defiantly hand job!
The shade range- there are only 5 shades to pick and they are all too pale or too pink for my skin tone.
The price- this foundation costs around 6 pounds which is a good price for your average 30 ml bottle.
The packaging- this foundation comes in a tube which is god because it’s not heavy like glass and won’t break as easily, but it’s not my cup of tea in terms of design.

The finish- this my friends, is the weird part. The words “stay matte” make you think it will deliver a matte finish but the truth is, it’s a pretty glowy finish for a oil-free foundation and it does not set matte or stay matte, but does look fairly natural.

Over all I think it’s an ok product but not will I will be buying again. So that means the search for the perfect foundation is still going on……..i think the next review will be of one I am really loving at the moment.

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  1. mm.. well i'll stay away from it then :P