foundation review- MUFE mat velvet +

Time for another foundation review ladies! And this time it’s a little more positive as well……..Make up forever mat velvet+ is a product I have been pretty confused by for a while now. When I fist got it I didn’t really like it as I felt it was a little heavy and the tone of it was not perfect. My skin has been looking pretty bad lately, not in terms of spots or anything like that but around this time of year my skin tends to get very red and just looks a little lifeless. S o I have been reaching for this foundation for about a moth now and I’m really enjoying it
MUFE describe it as a matifying foundation that is oil-free, easily blend able, water resistant and long lasting on the skin. My skin is pretty oily and by the end of the day no matter how much I powder or use blotting sheets, I look a little shiny so I do tend to pick foundation that claim to be matte if I’m looking for something to last all day long and still look good after a day’s work.

The coverage- this is pretty full coverage for me……but I’m enjoying it at the moment!

The finish-this has a really lovely, almost finely milled powdery finish that looks natural and not too matte. I like the face to still have some life in it and this really looks grate on the skin.

The application- this is on of the best parts about this product. For such a full coverage product, it’s a dream to work with. I think it needs a stiff, rounder style of brush to work it in to the skin (like a MAC 189 for example) but as the name suggests, it has a really lovely velvety texture and is super easy to blend.

The shades- you have 16 shades to choose from so you are pretty sure to find a good match the only thing is I think the tones a ever so slightly orange…..

The Price- as there not many places in the UK  that stoke MUFE I got mine from a friend in the US and she paid $30 for it, so it’s not cheap but I do think it’s worth the price. Only problem is in the UK you will have to find a shop that stokes it, or buy it online.

the longevity of the foundation- it does last pretty well on the skin, and stays  looking good all day….it’s not totally oil absorbing, and you may still need to powder during the day but you will not get super oily. As for it being water resistant (which I find a rather strange concept to be honest….) it is easy to remove with makeup remover, not with water alone.
The packaging- I really like it…….it’s plastic, but good quality plastic and you can always get out just the right amount.

So as you can see, I’m pretty happy with this foundation at the moment. It’s pretty much ticking all the boxes for me and I do really love the finish of it.  It’s a grate buy if you are oily and want something that looks polished, velvety  and will last all day.

What do you think? 

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  1. I love this foundation! I have to say that I am extremely oily, especially in my t-zone, and this foundation has been a holy grail product. I agree that the foundation is a bit on the orange side sometimes. This is one of the only foundations that truly does last at least a full workday. I've never applied it with a brush, I've only used my fingers to apply. I am going to try it now with a brush to see if it is a different finish.