My New Year beauty, life and fashion resolutions

It does feel rather strange sitting here knowing that next Friday it will be a new year. This past year has gone by so fast and in many way was a pretty big one for me, and so much has changed. But one must always be true to ones self and that is why I have decided to write this post. I'm a firm believer in new year resolutions and I don't think they are made to be broken, they are just a small way of making a commitment to yourself. Some of the things I am going to say are things I do already so I will just make a mental note to myself to keep up the good work!

*Lose weight- A total no-brainier I know,  and is top of most people's list (That and stop smoking, but I don't smoke so that will not be featured on my list)  But in the new year I would like to lose about 2 and a half stone and reach a weight I am happy with.
*This will sound odd, but wear lovely matching underwear everyday. I don't do this because I tend to stick to things that make my chest look bigger, my tum &bum look smaller and no VPL. This is not a sexy look I can assure you...it must be fixed as I think it gives you a sexy boost of confidence. 
*Always take my makeup off before bed. I'm totally religious about this already but must be sure to keep it up!
*Always be sure to get a bikini wax every 3\4 weeks. I tend to do my own bikini waxing, but I find if it's left up to me because I'm so busy I tend to just put it off until I can no longer bare the idea of being such a hair monkey! That is not a sexy feeling girls, so that is why I will book one once a month to make sure I stick to it and make me feel no so monkey-like!
*Stay away from the razor.....I'm pretty good with this one and only ever shave my under arm area.
*Be sure I use my beloved (Yea right) epilator once a week to make sure my legs are always super smooth. 
*Make sure I use a good body scrub twice a week.
*Body brush every single day......we want smooth skin right?!
*Use a hair mask twice a week to make sure my hair is in tip top condition.
*Wear high heels more often.....I do wear them most days because I'm short (That is what I tell people anyway, the truth is because I adore heels!) but must try and wear them more.
*Drink more water. I'm pretty good at drinking water, but I have not been very good lately....
*Treat my skin to a good face mask twice a week.
*Work out everyday.
*Go for long, lovely walks outside
*Eat better
*Brush my teeth twice a day....I always do this anyway, but like I said we must keep up the good work!
*Always have a good pedicure.....dry feet are not cute on anyone! 

And I think that is pretty much it....There may be a few more I'm not thinking of but I'm sure it's ok. Let's just hope I can stick to them all!

I hope you all have a fab new year and let me know what your new year resolutions are!


  1. I've been reading your blog for a lil while now and I thought you mentioned how your body is not meant to be skinny, in the sense that you're a naturally more curvious girl... so don't beat yourself up to lose weight if it's not how your body is naturally made to be! x


  2. mine would be so similar to these! great minds and all that!

  3. Hello.. I stumbled across your youtube this afternoon when your new video came up on my homepage because swalkermakeup liked it, and i LOVE your channel! Just watched a tonne of your videos, and thank you so much for doing the weight gain story, its such a personal thing to do and made me feel I could really relate to you! Saying that- agreeing with the person above, don't make yourself miserable etc and hungry to loose the weight (unless you really really want to, understand the feeling!) because in my opinion you have been blessed with a GORGEOUS figure, judging by your outfits of the days! Anyway love this post- really good resolutions think I might steal a few! Sorry for such a long rambled comment haha. xx