Product love- Laura mercia secret concealer

All my life I have suffered from darkness under my eyes, and I am always on the lookoout for a great under eye concealer to make me look fresh, polished and awake!

A  perfect under eye concealer should:
  • Be a smooth lightweight consistency
  • Have amazing coverage but not look cakey and crease.
  • instantly brighten up the area
  • Be easy to blend
  • Stay looking freash all day long.
Not too much to ask for is it now?!

During my life long serech for the perfect concealer, I came across the Laura mercia secret concealer.

This is such a lovely product. I  have it in the shade 3, which has a lovely peachey undertone so it does an amazing job at covering up the sleepless nights!

It's a lovely creamy consistency, super easy to blend (I  use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend it perfectly) and yes, it is pricey but oh so worth it as you need a tiny amount each use. This is a MUST MUST have for me.

Have any of you tried it? what did you think? x


  1. really wanna try this concealer.. Does it crease? Coz the Bobbi Brown one creases soooo much on me which totally turns me off the product..

  2. oh really? i wanted to try the bobbi one:( no this does not crease:)