My first outfit of the day !

This is my first OOTD post....super fun! I had a lovely day out and this was what I had on:

My dress was from TOPSHOP
My grey blazer (love this too death!) is from ZARA
My nude pumps (also love them too death) are from TOPSHOP
My bag was from a shop I don't ever go in really, NEXT.

Hope you enjoy this post! xxxx


  1. That dress looks so pretty on you! And I'm jealous, your tan is beautiful!! Is it natural or did you use a self-tanner? Either way it looks great! :) Hope to see more OOTD posts! :))

  2. How gorgeous!! You look absolutely stunning love! <3 What a beautiful tan, jealous! xoxo

  3. thx:) god old st moritz tan:) xxx

  4. the dress is really pretty and your hair is lovely and curly mine is like a big beehive :)

  5. How often do you have to apply it, to keep the tan "perfect"? I only tried self-tanners twice in my life, and the end result was always a complete mess... :(

  6. u should defo get st moritz then its super easy to use and dry in a min!
    i apply it twice to get a good deep tan and then 4 the rest of the week use a gradual tanner:) xxx

  7. WOW this is totally my inspiration for the day =) You styled this ensemble perfectly!