Curvy and happy-part 2

I spoke to a friend once who told me the way she learned to love her self was to write down a list of ten things she liked about her self and read them everyday until you start to believe them. The visible problem is though if you feel the need to do this, chances are that you don’t like much anyway. I sat down and tried to think “what do I like about myself?” but only 3 thins came to mind and I can assure you my belly, bum legs and boobs were  not any of them. Out of all the women I know I don’t know a single one who has got no body issues at all. Its like its ingrained inside us buy the question is why?
As you may notice I ask why a lot and no it’s not because iv got no idea my self and am waiting for someone to tell me I just don’t understand. I don’t understand why it is we do this to one another and yes it is us not the men. How many men do you know who think Nicole richi is attractive?  None. How many do you know who think Kelly brook is attractive? Or Jennifer  Lopez? Exactly. But you see there lays another problem because those women although the  are not skinny they have perfectly round proportioned bodies not like most of us normal girls. When men look at a woman’s body the tend to see the overall shape and that is what they like, that figure of 8 shape. Us girls on the other hand tend to, like in every other part of life, tend to see the small details.
How many men do you know who care about things like stretch marks and cellulite? Not many is it? But now how many  women do u know who don’t sleep at night because of their cellulite situation.


  1. After I read this post,I sat down with a pen and piece of paper to write down 10 things I liked about myself...total fail. It is so much easier to think of things I hate about myself,and it's really sad. People around me keep telling me I look good,that I don't need to lose more weight and I just shrug my shoulders and think that my legs are horrible,my stomach is not flat as it should be,etc etc...
    And you're right, it makes me wonder....WHY. Even because I know that it's all about confidence. I see girls that are uglier or heavier than me but somehow they look prettier and happier, if that makes sense? And that's what other people respond to,really...
    Great post, really got me thinking :)

  2. its so sad i wish i didnt have to be like that:(
    but ur right it is all about how you feel about you......i see girls who i know 4 a fact dont look as good as me and they r so happy and full of confidence and it makes you wanna go up 2 them and ask how they do it? x