Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid

Hands up if this winter you have been suffering from dry lips? I thought so. The cold weather and the heating causes the skin on our lips, which is much thinner than other areas on our face to become dry and can make whatever lip products we wear over the top look awful.

Enter Lanolips leomaid lip aid. This lip treatment contains over 70% medical grade lanolin and also contains organic lemon oil, which is a natural exfoliant due to the citric acid in it. Lanolips claim that this will leave your lips feeling fresh,soft and moist.

The thing I find the most amazing about this products is the scent. As the name may suggest, it is indeed very lemony, but not in a "cleaning product" kind of way, it's more like a sugary lemon  sweet, which I love. It does leave my lips feeling very smooth and soft, and the texture is like a less greasy version of vaseline. It has a slight golden shimmer in it which is very subtle, but does give your lips a nice full look. The packaging is really lovely too, with the gold text and gold lip, it's looks very girly yet polished.

At £8.99 per 12.g it's very reasonably priced  and a little goes along way, meaning my lips are smooth and soft and ready to rock even the brightest of lip colors!

Have you tried any other lanolips products? what are your top picks?

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid is available here.


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  1. I never have that lip balm before. Is it really tasty?

  2. I like the video when you did a "How I style my curly hair (while wet)" it was really good!!!