Balance me radiance face oil

I'm not sure sure if I have mentioned this before but i'm a huge fan of facial oils, for both dry skin and oily skin, and it's the best cure for dehydrated skin, which I tend to get during the winter, despite the fact I've got oily skin.

This Balance me radiance face oil is an 100% natural facial oil that's made of a combo of softening and conditioning oils such as camellia and yarrow to create a facial oil that will help restore the radiance to your skin and is suitable for all skin types. As I mentioned my skin is oily and this works a treat for me, and I use it as a treat, meaning I use it once or twice a week to give my face a massage at night. It doesn't break me out used this way, but I do think if you have oily skin you should only use it a few times a week. I know the beauty world is in two mind about whether or not  the hole "oil balances oil" theory is true, but this works for me as it's very emollient, yet light and has a plumping effect on the skin.

If you have dry skin this would be perfect for you, alone or worn underneath your night cream and another thing I must note is I adore the packaging of this oil, i'm a total sucker for anything with a pipette applicator (is that weird? I just find them so cute!) and the glass bottle gives it a luxe feel. At £30 per 30ml it's not cheap, but considering that fact it's all natural and a little goes a long way, it's pretty good value for money, and a lovely product.

The balance me radiance facial oil is available here.

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  1. i have dry patches.. but overall oily.. skin is so annoying!!