ROMWE Leggings!

So i'm sure you all know by now that I adore ROMWE clothing, and I have got something fab to share with you today about their super funky leggings collection.  These are so fun and a grate transition piece from summer to Autumn as the are not too warm but still have fun print, so take a look here;


My personal favorites are the feather print leggings, they are so pretty! Also, I have got a grate discount for you if you want 5% off orders over $60, just put the coupon leggin5 in  the checkout box before the 20th of September and enjoy!

I would love to know what your top picks are for these leggings, are you a fun color lover or a more modest black and white lover? Do share!



  1. Coming from the States I love the Union Jack print! I subscribe to your youtube channel as well! Really love your stuff!!