Clearasil ultra over night serum review

When one thinks of Clearasil one tends to think "spotty teen" don't they? that was at least my initial thought. My skin isn't super sensitive but  I've always felt that products such as this were not really targeted at my skin type, and the only reason I picked this up was it because I saw it in my local pound shop (now now ladies, no snobbery here!) and liked the concept of a spot fighting serum.

I didn't really have very high expectations for this product to be honest, but boy was I wrong. It claims to help clear up acne over night, visibly reduce redness and the size of the spot over night which i'm not the best example for as I don't tend to get acne, but what this does do is really help to refine your skin.

After the first application, my skin looked clearer and my pores looked smoothed out, if not smaller. It's not your typical serum consistency, it's more of a runny liquid that blends in to the skin beautifully, leaving a grate base for makeup. But the true test of how much I like this product shows in the fact that I have re-purchased it over 3 times. That may not seen like a big deal, but your talking to someone who's house is full of cosmetics and who never really buys anything more than once, so it does mean it really works for me.  

It's not the most amazing packaging and I do feel that the pump action stops me for getting the last bits of product put, but for £1 per 15ml what more can you ask? it's the true meaning of a bargain gem! 



  1. Does this have benzoyl peroxide like most Clearasil items?

  2. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! they like discontinued it from poundland a like a year ago but before that i was obsessed with it, IT'S AMAZING! seriously ppl go buy it if you have spots, you wont regret it i was like using it for a week and people were already commenting on my skin! but then they discontinued it and my spots all came bk and i had to go on the hunt for another spot cream}: BUT IT'S BK!!!!!11 yey! go buy it ppl u wont regret!