SIBU replenishing night cream review!

Night cream is one of those skin care products that's not for everyone, but being the skin care junkie that I am, I love it and am a huge believer in  putting moisture back in to your skin, day or night.

For those of you who like your skin care PC, this night cream is paraben free, cruelty free and sulfate free and contains some rather funny ingredients  such a broccoli  sprout extract, and cauliflower sprout extract . SIBU describe it as a all natural renewal formula designed to protect your skins natural lipid barrier  and renew your skin cells. They claim it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and noticeably reduce visible sun damage. So, your asking, what's it like?

The first thing you will notice about this cream is the scent. It has a lovely, fruity scent, but in a very natural way, and the smell personally reminds me of chocolate orange (but that may just be my chocolate obsessed brain) and it makes it lovely to use because it's a fresh, yet comforting scent. It comes in a glass jar which i'm a huge fan of, I think it's due to the fact that it reminds me of being a child and thinking glass jars looked so grown up and luxe. Anyway, it has a light but very nourishing formula, and although it says it's suitable for all skin types, I personally think it would be better for dryer skin, rather that oily skin like mine as it did provide a little too much moisture for my skin, but I think it would be perfect for dryer, more mature skin. After using it for a while, the fine lines around my eye area did seem to have softened, but due to the fact I hardly have any wrinkles, it's a little hard to tell. I do however, have a lot  of sun damage on my face from before I became obsessed with sunscreen, around my nose and cheek area mainly. I didn't notice any difference in the appearance of my sun damage, but my skin did feel incredibly soft and plump.

At $34.95 (Around £22) per 30ml I think it's very reasonable priced, and would be perfect for someone who loves natural, yet effective skin care and has dry, more mature skin. If you want to read more about this product and where you can buy it, click here- http://www.sibubeauty.com/seabuckthorn_night_cream.php


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