Get ready with me!

Products used:
healthy mix foundation by bourjois in shade 56
laura mercier secret concealer in shade 3
Rimmel silky loose powder
Benefit primpcess kit
Benefit it stick

MUA bronzer in shade no 3
MAC pink swoon blush
Benefit high beam

Urban Decay naked 2 palette (booty call and tease)
MAC e/s in naked lunch
AVON  superextend extreme mascara
QVS eyelash curlers

MAC lip liner in dervish
17 lipstick in beehive 

Brushes used in the video were by real techniques (review here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL0yVJ83NTY)
Blush professional brushes  (review here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwahRBUsRQg)
Estee lauder foundation brush.



  1. I love love love this look. It's so subtle and elegant, you look stunning! I have been watching your videos and following your blog for awhile so I was wondering if you could give me some advice because I really feel like if anyone can help me you can since you're the best example I have of a normal woman who is absolutely gorgeous. (I adore you, by the way)
    I'm eighteen years old and no matter what I do I cannot make my skin as flawless and smooth as you and other girls I know. My foundation (its a rather cheap drugstore foundation but it is all natural and has qualtity ingredients) never goes on smoothly, it always turns out bumpy, uneven, and even clumps! This doesn't change no matter how many different methods of applying I use or hoe much I exfoliate. My everyday basic skincare routine includes taking off my make-up with Simple's makeup remover wipes, then cleansing with the no7 hot cloth cleanser, applying a witchhazel astringent, and then putting on my Simple vital vitamin night cream. Every two or three days I clean with my Olay pro rotating face brush (I'm saving for the clarisonic) and a natural sea weed cleanser and then exfoliate with Albas sea moss enzyme scub and I also use Boots botanics conditioning clay mask a few times a week as well. I am saving up for NARS sheer glow foundation because I've heard good things about it and its one of the only high end products I have access to (I live in the US and there aren't any great stores around me that would have brands like MAC, I have to stick with an Ulta and a small sephora that only carries benefit, makeup forever, NARS, and Urban decay. I'm so frustrated that I work so hard to take care of my skin and it is still unevenly textured that it ruins my makeup. I am not comfortable, much less confident, in my own skin. I was hoping you could give me some advice.
    Other than foundation and skin issues, I only have a few more problems (face wise anyway) that I was hoping you could help me with. For starters, bronzer. I am medium tan naturaly and have oily skin with break outs and dry patches on my nose and jawline (oh, and I also have HUGE blackheads ((eeew)) on my nose, sides of my nose, chin and between and slightly above my eyebrows. Nothing I have tried has gotten rid of them either which include nose strips, masks, exfoliants, medicine, and blackhead washes, and they're so dark when not covered up that I can see them while standing three feet away from the mirror. Any advice on those?) Because I have very yellow gold undertones and super curly aubrun hair, bronzer always looks orange on me but I feel like it would make me feel better if I could contour my face a bit to draw attention away from blemishes and imperfections. I just don't know what colors, brands, or types to buy.
    Last but not least, Ive ruined the only thing I really was happy about on my face... My eyebrows. I plucked one wrong hair and now there's a hole that just can't be hidden, even when filled in. I feel like I can't shape them to match even a little bit because of the mess, but my natural shape is rounder with just arch toward the end of my eye. I let them grow out for almost a month, but its like torture! I can't stand messy eyebrows and mine are getting really bad. The only option I feel like i have is making them thin because maybe ugly tadpole eyebrows will be better then giant messy monster eyebrows. I really don't know what to do and since you feel the same way I do about brows I was hoping you had advice for that also. I seriously need to figure out what I'm going to do with all of this (; thanks so much for making these blogs and videos, I don't know where else Id get my tips!

    1. Hey,

      I'm gonna try my best to help you, but I only ever advice using products i'v used, and not all of them are available in the US . For an uneven texture of foundation, make sure your moisturize really well, let it sink in and apply a primer (it can be a cheap one) because they really help to refine the texture of your skin, so your makeup looks better.

      As for blackheads, they are very hard to get rid of at home, and it may be worth saving up and going to a salon to have them extracted properly, but try to not pick at them at home (it's hard I know!)

      As for bronzer, you need to pick one that has a cool undertone (I love the MUA one in shade 3 but I don't think you can buy it in the us ) but shop around for one that has no red tones in it.

      As for brows, don't pluck them thin! I know it's hard to grow them out but honestly you will be sorry if you do, and its hard to grow them back, just hold off the plucking and maybe give them a careful little trim.

      Hope this helps!
      Avia x

    2. Thank you so much. Great advice! I will look into everything (: