FAQ about curly hair-part 2


1.   I PROMISE I WILL DO A VIDEO LIKE THIS! I know so many of you lovely girls will find this super helpful so I will do it, but it is harder to film as I want to show every step, and that takes time and plenty of good editing!

2.   Generally, I find thicker creamer products work the best on a frizzier curl as the weigh it down more and help to define the curl. If your curls are prone to frizz avoid brushing them when your hair is dry at all cost or you will end up with a frizzy poodle mane!

3.    No, I do not use all the products I mentioned at once. What I tend to do is use 2 different types of products at once. For example, I will use a hair serum or an oil first, and then apply hair mousse or other products aimed to create curls and body.

4.   Yes to the video part, and no I do not put my hair in a bun or anything before I go to bed. What I do is actually extremely   easy: I wash my hair, wrap it up in a towel for about 10 mins, then scrunch it up and apply whatever products I am going to use. I then like to let it dry NATURALLY   and if I don’t have time, I just go to bed with my hair still damp (you may want to put a towel over your pillow though, just a friendly suggestion). Then in the morning, I get up, tip my head upside-down, mess my hair up with my hands, tip my head up and off I go. That simple.

5.  As we all know everyone has different hair and what works for me may not always work for you so all I can suggest is trying! Try sleeping with you   hair like I do and see if it works for you.

6.   Ohhhh this is a good question! If you have curly hair, chances are at some point in your life you have a had a really bad hair cut, or just never cut your hair because you didn’t want to change your curls. The best haircut in my opinion, obviously depending on the type of hair you have, is soft layers. Layer are so grate because they add body and soften your face and are very easy to grow out ,if done properly that is. I always have longer layers cut in my hair because my hair is very long but if you have shorter hair, just go for fewer layers around the bottom and softer layers around the crown on your hair.

7.  If I am wearing my hair curly, I wash it everyday.

8.  This is a really good question too. I too, am guilty of 99% of the time just wearing my hair down. I find curly hair always looks grate when you put it up to go in the bath or something unglamorous like that, but if you are actually trying to put it up to go out? FORGET IT!  It is a real pain in the a***. The only up do I find does work most of the time is a high, messy bun. It is super easy to do so ill film a tutorial about it soon.

9.  Washing your hair everyday is not good for your hair. I repeat, NOT good for your hair. But if you have curly hair, brushing it when dry is even worse. I have washed my hair everyday for years and my hair is pretty healthy. But it depends what works for you, just be sure to use a gentle shampoo.

10.  Finding a good hairdresser is hard at the best of times, never mind about when you have curly hair. I suggest you go and see a few different hairdressers, sit down with them, talk to them about what it is you want to do with your hair, how much effort you want to put in to maintaining it, and see who feels right for you.

11.  No my hair is not premed. My hair just naturally curly!

12.  If I am being good? Every 3 months but I have not done it for about 6 now….It tends to go by feel. I can tell when my hair needs a cut by how hard it is to brush once I get to the ends.

13. Ummmm no? I sleep in a very funny position: I lift my hair on to my pillow first so it all on top and out of the way, and then put my head down and go to sleep.

14.  Another really good question! A harsh shampoo is normally cheap and if you turn it around to read the ingredients the first or second ingredient will be sodium laurel sulfate, which is a detergent and surfactant found in many shampoos as its cheap and a very effective foaming agent, i.e. grate for creating  rich foam in shampoos. The only problem is it can be very harsh and make your hair feel dry and brittle. And as we curly girl like to wash our hair everyday, we would be better off using something gentler. My personal favorite would have to be moroccanoil moisture repair shampoo. LINK:http://www.moroccanoil.com/

15.  It really does depend what type of curls you have. I find the thicker you hair, the better cream formulas are, but my all time best products for curly hair is still mousse.

16.  I prefer to let my hair dry naturally because diffusing it makes it frizzy and dry looking. But using a diffuser to create lift at the roots is amazing.
17.  I’m afraid I can not help you with that one as I have never had it done, but all I can say is everyone I know who has, wishes they hadn’t. Think about it.

18.  Getting a perm can go horribly wrong, and no one wants that.dry diffusing your hair or if your hair is poker straight, using a curling iron and a good strong hairspray.

19.  Healthy diet and a good hair care.

20.  Flip head upside down, mess up and go!

21.  Ok hear it goes: when I’m in the shower I brush my hair when it is wet and I brush it into a side parting. Then in the morning when my hair is dry I flip my hair to the other side so it is full of volume. Super easy but yes I will do a video on it.

22.  The amazing could not live without, tangle teaser. (and being me, it is the pink one)

23.  After you dye your hair it does tend to be slightly dryer and harder to manage for the first week or so, and then it goes back to normal.

24.  My hair is dark brown, but goes lighter in the sun very easily and I have also got a natural blonde streak in my hair that I have always had.

25.  I do use heat protector, if I am using heat on my hair. In which case I will use the GHD heat protector for dry hair.


  1. Very complete and thorough - well done!

  2. I had a relaxer done on my hair exactly 1 year ago and I am regretting it BIG TIME! My hair stayed curly in some spots but it's stick straight in other spots. I've cut most of the straight ends off, but now that my hair is above my shoulders and I STILL have straight ends a year later I find myself pinning my hair back all the time. I've run out of ideas to style my hair...and I'm starting to get desperate lol! I want to cut the rest of the straight off, but that would leave me with really short, curly hair (which tends to be a bad idea if your hair also happpens to be really frizzy), so I'm kind of at a loss at the moment...