FAQ about curly hair- part 1


1.  I love your hair! Can you PLEASE do a video on you actually applying the styling products?? I have hair similar to your and I can’t deal with it!

2.   Wondering what products would work great for my thick, super frizzy, curl? Also, what products will make my hair tighter and more defined like your?

3.    Do you use all of these products all at once? Or do you mean you just use them in general?

4.   You said that you do your hair at night, so you put the products on your hair before you go to bed and when you wake up, all you do is just mess with it a bit and go on with your day? Can you do a video on putting the products in your hair and if you put it in a bun before bed, then show what you do in the morning.

5.    How do you sleep with your hair, up in a bun or do you just leave it down? I always wash my hair in the morning because I fear sleeping on it will mess it up...
6.  What kind of haircut do you have? Layers?

7.  Do you wash your hair everyday?

8.   Do you put your hair up? I am stuck in a long curly hair rut.

9.   So you wash your hair everyday, right? I'm just wondering because a lot of people say you shouldn't, but you know....
10. Can you tell me how you found a hairdresser who does curly hair well? Do you struggle  to find someone to cut it in the right layering?

11. Is your hair premed?

12.  How often do your cut your ends?

13.  Don’t the curls in the back of your head 'fall out’ when you sleep??

14.  Can I ask how can we distinguish whether the shampoo is harsh or not?

15.  Do you recommend creams for curly hair?

16.  What are your views on hair drying curly hair like yours with a diffuser?

17. Does using a curl relaxer ruin your curls?

18. I want curly hair, would you recommend getting a perm?

19.  How is your hair so long?

20. What’s your morning routine?

21. My hair is just as curly as yours, and I've been dying to achieve that thrown to the side look that you have. Please do a tutorial on the way you style your hair, please

22.  What hair brush do you use?

23. Did your hair change after you dyed it?

24. What is your hair color?

25. Do you use a heat protector?

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