Enough Weight?

Those of you who are experienced dieters like myself, will know it's a constant battle. One would think that once you get to your goal weight, life's a peach right? oh no. Maintaining my weight is a constant battle and I have to really keep my eye on the ball. That being said, don't you find that once you have lost what you "needed" to, (I say needed as it the extra weight, the weight I want to lose is another matter) you start to make allowances for yourself? I have been having a few more "treat" days and have had a real sweet tooth lately. I have also been super stressed and when that happens, I tend to eat more.

I have been working out still, and I have started doing the 30 day shred in the hopes of losing a little weight and getting toned in time for summer (if summer ever comes here that is). I would love to just get in better shape in general really,  and while my weight is back to normal, I would love to just lose a little of the "extra" fat I have on my arms, belly and face. I know many of you will be thinking "You lost the weight, what's up with you now? #obsessed!" but it's more a case of losing the weight was a necessary step, getting my body looking more toned and slim is just something I want to do for me, I feel like staying like is a little like settling. I want to be able to wear a vest tops, dresses and bare my legs without feeling like maybe I shouldn't be.....I want to feel good, and to do that, I need to look good too. By no means am I saying I need to lose more weight, but losing around 3 kg and toning up a little will make me feel SO much better, so i'm trying to get in shape in time for the summer, and overcome the issues i'm fully aware of when it comes to food and my attitude towards food.

Have any of you been feeling this?



  1. OMG this post sums up my life, I was overweight, I lost the weight, I am now at a healthy weight but really want to tone up... i think 'losing weight' and 'toning up' are 2 completely different things you can do... if only we could have a personal trainer/chef/nutritionalist on speed dial

    ...btw how is the 30 day shred going, I am planning to try it out sometime soon.


  2. I know exactly how u feel I was the same when I lost 2 and a half stone a couple of years ago. Even when I got to goal weight tho I still wast happy but I did like u said start to give myself more great days and it wa a battle to stay at goal weight. Since then I have just had a baby boy and now I'm back to square one and trying to now lose the baby weight in time for summer :( feels like forever this weight just won't budge quickly lol boo

  3. Love Liza

  4. Is dieting about being healthy or about being skinny. A lot of your 'diet' posts seem to be more about being thin. This sends out the wrong message to people don't you think. You should be promoting good health and a healthy lifestyle. It's not all about being skinny.

    1. No one said it was. If you read it correctly you would see that it's more about feeling good, however you want to do that. To me dieting means feeling like the best version of you, and I NEVER once said I wanted to be skinny, and if that's how you choose to take it maybe it's more of a reflection on you.