New year resolutions

It has become somewhat of a tradition for me  to do this every year on my blog, and who am I to argue with  tradition? I love making new year resolutions, the feeling of hope they give you but yet somehow I never end up sticking to them.......oh well, that's life isn't it?

I had plenty of beauty, fashion and life related ones last year and some of the ones i'm about to mention may have been mentioned last year too if 1) I did a bad job of sticking to them or 2) they are really good ones. 

1) I think this is not going to come as a shock to most of you, and it's the most boring resolution ever but here it goes: lose weight. Those of you who read my blog and watch my videos often will already know I have lost most of the weight I wanted to, but as always I have gained some after xmas and really need to get back on track, my goal is to lose another stone  (or 2) in the new year, and keep it off for good.

2) Fake tan more! i'm not sure if it was just me being lazy or just embracing the plae look but during this winter I have not been tanning much, and while it looks good on my face,on  my body.......not so much, My body looks so much better with a tan so ideally I would like to tan at least once a week.

3) Lay off the laptop. This may not come as a shock to many of you but i'm an internet addict, as i'm sure so many of us are these days. But I would like to cut down on the amount of time i'm on the computer so I can spend time with people properly, rather than talking to then with my head in the laptop or on my phone so i'm going to try and not use the internet in the evening.

4)Keep up the daily workout because it was really helping me feel better about my body.

5) In terms of fashion I think i'm stuck in a bit of a rut, due to the fact it's been so cold and let's not forget, my body issues I have been stuck in big jumpers, jeans and boots and while I do love the look I need to branch out a little and wear cloths that are a little more fitted, and wear more dresses and skirts!

6)Get back to daily body brushing! this is a big one because I have not been doing it for the past few weeks as im away and forgot to bring my brush and I can really see and notice a diffrence in my skin, everything just feels less firm and smooth.

7) Use a cellulite treatmeant daily, again because this makes me feel better.

8) Last but not least, be less negative. I'm a very negative all the time and it's not my best qulity, so must try and work on that!

So that's it, those are all my reslutions......what are yours? I hope you all have a fab new year's eve and wishing you all the best in 2013!



  1. i absolutely love ur new years resolutions i think i have most of the same ones u do LOL
    Good luck in the new year hon !

  2. one of my resolutions is to fatten up a little.. I have the opposite issue of your. Happy new year! I hope you will get what you really want :)