Murad oil-control mattifier SPF 15 review!

If like me you suffer from oily skin, finding the right sunscreen can be incredibly difficult as they tend to be very oily and heavy on the skin, and don't make an ideal base for your makeup. Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in ones skin care routine, but also one that most women tend to neglect, but really shouldn't as it helps protect skin from ageing and more importantly, skin cancer.

This Murad wonder really is something else. Not only does it provide an SPF of 15, but it also delivers both UVA and UVB sun protection which are often over looked in your average daily moisturizer so this really is the serious sun protection that we all need, even in our not-so sunny climate. Murad claim that this product will keep your skin matte for up to 8 hours, so that's a pretty bold claim as nothing seems to keep the oil away from my skin for more than a few hours.

This product does have a very classic sunscreen texture because it's pretty thick, but the difference is it's also dry texture, unlike most greasy sunscreens and it leaves your skin feeling matte, in the same way a primer would. Which brings me to my next point, how is it under makeup? I have tested this out by applying it, letting it sink in for a few minutes and then going right ahead and applying my foundation. It does make your makeup stay matte for a good 5 hours or so, which is big for me, but I would suggest you don't wear this under a very thick foundation as it could end up feeling a little heavy on your skin.

The only downside for me with this product is the price. At £37 per 50ml it is very pricey, but it  also is a one of a kind product. It comes in a fresh looking white tube so it's easy to apply and more sanitary than a pot of moisturizer that would require you to dip your fingers in and out.......not a fan of that! I genuinely feel like this moisturizer is one of those "next generation"  oil-control products that unlike what we would use in our teens, has much more science behind it and protects our skin from the number one skin enemy.

For those of you who are interested in reading all about how it works and where you can buy it, be sure to visit the Murad website here http://www.murad.co.uk/oil-control-mattifier-spf-15 and if you have tried any other Murad products, let me know what you like as this has sparked an interest for me...........  

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  1. I've just ordered the murad sun cream, the oil free one. For my face this summer. Hoping its good after reading this review.

    I wear SPF everyday, because I am so fair. So in summer, I wear suncream all the time. An non oily matte one sounds great! I hate the oil slick feel and look. Fingers crossed x