Best & Worst Of The Drugstore-foundation!

Foundations mentioned:

The worst:
l'oreal infallible foundation RRP £12.29
Miss Sporty so matte foundation RRP £3.49
maybelline pure mineral powder foundation RRP £6.99

The best:
Bourjois healthy mix foundation RRP £9.99
No7 beautifully matte foundation RRP 13.50 (Review and demo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuiECxzih5M)
REVLON colorstay foundation RRP £12.49

The best foundations for your skin type video-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R60TBT66UQo

*My jumper is from http://www.romwe.com/


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  1. This is actually a response to your body image video, it was too long for YouTube..
    I am exactly rhe same way. I dread seeing old friends and family and I am always trying to hide my arms and legs. I never realized thats what you were doing because your style is always so natural and flattering- I always feel forced and like Im hiding. Summer is the worst as it gets quite hot and Im trying to get away with wearing 3/4 length sleeves and jeans. As for body related ideas, what about how to make yourself feel better/care for yourself when yoyve gained weight. I always get so depressed that I stop caring for my skin like lotioning and exfoliating because I cant stand to look at myself (despite you still having struggles, i pray one day Ill have your strength to be so dedicated to taking care of yourself) and now Ive gotten stretch marks on my hips and belly. I havr no idea how to stop more fron coming or how to get rid of the ones I have. ugh... anywau, an idea is how to care for yourself and maintain other aspects of self care when youve gained weight.

    Btw: I'm buying Revlon colourstay tomorrow (: